Textile Spinning for Man Made fibers.....!

সোমবার, ৪ জুলাই, ২০১১

Spinning for Man Made  Fiber : The conversion of polymer into fiber, filament is called the spinning, from the made made fiber view. The fiber forming substance is made temporal fluid extruded through spinneret and then return to solid state (by solidifying) in fiber form.

Spinning type for Man Made Fiber: There are mainly three types of spinning as

  1. Melt spinning,
  2. Wet spinning,
  3. Wet spinning.
Melt Spinning : 
The fiber forming material is melted and subsequently passed through the holes of spinneret. Example, Polyester, Nylon, Polypropylene. etc

Dry Spinning :
In Dry spinning, polymer dissolved in a volatile solvent is introduced into a heated drying chambers, where the solvent is evaporate and solid fiber is obtained. This process may be used for the production of Acetate, Tri-Acetate, Acrylic, Modacrylic, PBI, Spandax and Vinyon. 

Wet Spinning : 
Wet spinning is the oldest process. It is used for fiber forming substances that have been dissolved in a solvent. The spinnerets are submerged in a chemical bath and as the filament emerge, they precipitate from solution and solidify. Because the solution is extruded directly into the precipitating liquid. This process for making fibers is called Wet Spinning. Acrylic, Rayon, Aramid, Modacrylic, Spander and be produced by this process.

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