Melt Spinning Process

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Melt Spinning : The fiber forming material is melted and subsequently passed through the holes of a spinneret. Example ; Polyester, Nylon, Polypropylene etc.

Requirements for melt Spinning
  • The polymer should not be volatile
  • The polymer should not decompose in the molten state and the melting point.
  • Polymer should be 30 degree centigrade less than its decomposition temp.
Process of Melt Spinning :

Figure : Melt Spinning Process.
Special Feature Of Melt Spinning :
  • High production ( SPG. Speed 1000-2000 m/min)
  • Hazard , Non Toxic
  • No environment pollution.
  • No solvent required .
  • Heat of spg high.
Melt Spinning Polymer : 

Melting Point
Nylon 6.6
264 degree Celsius
Nylon 6
220 degree Celsius
167 degree Celsius
264 degree Celsius

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