Wool Fiber

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What Is Wool Fiber?
The Wool Fiber is a Fiber from fleece of domestic sheep. It is a natural protein multicelullar staple Fiber.

What Is Fleece ?

The shared wool is a dense made of fibers wholly entangled by crimp, sticky, fat and dirt forming called wool fleece.

Process Flow Chart of Wool Production:

Wool Grading Between United States Of America (U.S.A) and United Kingdom (U.K)
In America wool shorten grades by comparison with pure blood merino. But in England is more specific in several instance .
U.S Grading
U.K Grading
80’s to 70’s
Half Blood
62’s to 60’s
Three eight Blood
Quarter Blood
50’s  to 48’s
Low quarter Blood
40’s to 36’s

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