Types of Yarn

সোমবার, ১৭ জানুয়ারী, ২০১১

There are various types of Yarn, each having its own characteristics. These characteristics vary according to the construction and treatment given in the manufacture of the yarn.

  1. Ply Yarn
  2. Cabled Yarn
  3. Doubled Yarn
  4. Novelty Yarn
  5. Slub Yarn
  6. Flake Yarn
  7. Spiral Yarn
  8. Ratine Yarn
  9. Loop or Curl Yarns
  10. Knot or spot Yarn
  11. Chenille Yarn.
Ply Yarn
Cabled yarn
Doubled yarn
Novelty Yarn
Slub Yarn
Flake Yarn
Spiral Yarn
Ratine Yarn
Loop Yarn
Curl Yarn
Knot or spot Yarn
Chenneli yarn

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